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    Resize whole design including text, how?

    avenue blu

      I am just learning InDesign and I'm sure this must be a simple fix but I can't figure out how to word it so that I get an answer from Google.


      I am putting together a ready reckoner for fault-finding (on a train).    Using circles to represent the lights and text for the labels, I have recreated the 'Fault Panel' and labelled it as the first page.   Now, I want to use that same design but make it smaller and highlight each of the fault lights that would be shown for a particular fault and then write about what they mean and how to fix the problem.  Basically, I just need to be able to resize the whole thing.  I've selected the whole thing but, when I resize, the circles and lines reduce proportionally but the text stays the same size.  


      I tried merging the layers but the text still stays large. 


      Please help.