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    If I download LR6 will all my photos, catalogs, etc... Transfer over? Or does it start anew?

    jerryp97433002 Level 1

      I have LR5 but considering downloading LR6. But I have questions:


      1. I have tons of photos (in LR5), will all my data & settings from LR5 transfer to LR6 or does everything start anew?

      2. Does LR5 go away because LR6 is a upgrade or does my computer have 2 Lightroom programs (LR5 & LR6)?

      3. What about lens profiles & presets I put together in LR5, will they transfer over to LR6?

      4. What about plug-ins, will they transfer or not?

      5. Another issue is if I purchase the download via Amazon it appears to be a new program just like when I purchased LR5. All the question above apply. Not even sure if there is a upgrade-able version from LR5 to LR6? Any thoughts?


      I want to download LR6 & not use the cloud & pay the monthly fee. Sounds like that's where everything is moving to these days but not comfortable using my DSL line. Slow uploads & responses to sliders being moved due to using a DSL vs a Broadband connection which would allow for faster workflow. Besides my internet slows (DSL) when 2 of us are on our computers & my son playing video games & streaming video from youtube. I see this as a big problem for most people. Would go with Broadband but its terrible here, CATV provider of course!

      Thanks for reading my post & hope to get some answers....Thanks Jerry