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    Adobe Reader for Android Samsung Tab S


      Good morning,


      I hope this email finds you well. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablet. Currently, when sending a PDF via email, I can see the attachment in the email being composed. However when the person on the other end receives it, there is no attachment. I have installed the latest version of Adobe Reader Version 15.2.2. I have made sure that all the operating software on the tablet are also up to date. I have tried uninstalling the application but still no change.


      Typically, the PDF is being received on the tablet from a desktop, (None password protected) also with the latest version of Adobe Acrobat via email. The PDF is modified with a date and name and emailed back to the desktop.


      Tablet- In addition to not sending the attachment, the document is saved in the recent/document cloud but an Error (The document is empty (Size 0KB) will appear. At this point any modifications made to the PDF are lost. From the email I have tried to save it first rather then simply opening to view it and then modify it, but I still get the same results. I am logged in to my account and have the tablet.


      Desktop - Typically a None password protected is sent to the tablet with purposes of being modified. typically the modification will consist of Name, Date and a Signature. Sometimes when the attachment does come through, the attachment say that it is corrupted and that It cannot be opened.


      I am not sure if I have some setting wrong or what I can do to fix this problem. Can you please help me with this as soon as possible.


      Thank you.



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          Abhishamster Level 4

          Hi Jose,


          May I know the workflow that you are using to attach the PDF in the mail?


          1. Are you using Acrobat Reader mobile to send the PDF as an attachment. Also which email client you are using to send the email?


          2. Or you are using File Explorer and sending the PDF to the mail client.


          3. Or you are directly attaching the PDF from the compose window of the email client.


          If it is from Document Cloud then try to download the file manually the file and attach it.




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            jorges54259790 Level 1



            Good morning. I hope you are well and thank you for the fast response. From the tablet, I open my email (Outlook) typically, in the email I have a PDF attachment (from a desktop using Adobe Acrobat Reader), I open the PDF using the Adobe Acrobat Reader directly from the email. I make all necessary changes once opened with Adobe acrobat reader and I send it directly from there by touch the three connected dots at the bottom right corner. I click Share and it opens an option box where I select my Outlook email. once composing the email, I can see the attachment I input the email where its being sent to and hit send.


            again the person at the other end does not receive it.

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              Abhishamster Level 4

              Hi Jose,


              First of all I'll suggest you to try using a different email app (like Gmail) to send the PDF as an attachment from Acrobat Reader.


              As other option just for testing purpose try to use the Share as Public Link feature.


              Let me know the results.