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    Tethered export...

    The Headshot Guy

      I shoot tethered and would like to automatically export low res jpeg versions of the images as I am shooting. Can anyone recommend how this can be done please?

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          sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi The Headshot Guy,


          Once you have the images in Lightroom, you have to manually export them by defining your file settings from the following given box, that you will see once you hit export.




          For more information check the below links:




          Once you have the settings defines as low resolution jpeg, you can save the export settings as preset so that you can just select the preset and export your images in one click by following the below steps:


          • In the Export dialog box, specify the export settings you want to save.



            Click Add at the bottom of the Preset panel on the left side of the dialog box.



            In the New Preset dialog box, type a name in the Preset Name box and click Create.






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            The Headshot Guy Level 1

            Thanks Sarsaxen


            I was actually looking for a solution to do this automatically with images as they were imported from the camera while I continued the shoot...