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    Advanced Hyperlinking Question


      I'm looking for a way to accomplish a specific functionality... doesn't have to be hyperlinking, but here it goes...


      I need to define several 'destinations' with the same or similar value, so that a hyperlink would go to any of them, stopping at the first one it finds. For example, I may have references to "Grizzly Bears" on several pages. I'd like to tag those somehow, so that when "Grizzly Bears" is clicked in the front of the book, it takes the user to the first instance. Here's the catch... because of specifics in my workflow, some pages may get removed late in the process. I still want that link to take the user to the first instance, whether it be on page 5 or page 8 (if 5 was removed). I hope I'm making sense.


      The goal is that the links could be created earlier in the process but still work later even if pages are removed, and would stay in tact once a PDF is created.


      If it can't be done with hyperlinking, perhaps some type of search that could be tied to a link?


      Any ideas are appreciated.