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    Adobe Edge Animate 508 Accessibility best practices

    studio9400 Level 1

      Hi all,


      Anyone out there having success building fully accessible content with Adobe Edge?  If so can you share any links/info you may have?



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          Lokesh378 Level 1

          I've had decent success. There is an "Accessibility" portion at the bottom of the proporties that lets you set some things up

          1. Add alt tags to all images
          2. set tabindex to 0 to all
          3. Add title to all objects
          4. Add 'focus' also in addition to 'mouseover' so it has the same effect by using keyboard only. The action coding is the same as mouseover
          5. The tabbing works in sequence as you have placed objects from bottom to top. Example if you want to be able to tab 1-2-3-4 in that sequence, then your layer order would have 1 at the bottom and 4 at the top. So its a little backwards. The bottom layer is accessed first.
          6. Start and end with the final size you need the animation to be. I have found out the hard way that the 'responsive' feature does make it responsive but refuses to 'live' within it's parent container <div> and it does not contain itself. I did try a lot of things but I am not a coder so I may have missed some javascript though I would think all of that stuff should be able to be controlled by just CSS

          The one thing that I have failed miserably is have the simplest feature to work - and that is to make the enter key on the keyboard work.. What I mean is that let's say you add a click even to open a link. Yes, it works with a mouse but won't when you use keyboard "Enter" key. Not sure what is missing when the program spits out the 3 files it needs to make it work. I have sought help with that, but so far had no luck with anyone responding.


          Hope that helps.