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    Mic input > out to speakers

    cratica Level 1
      I have the mic input working in Director. However.... I need to have the mic input also output through the PC's speakers. How would I do that? Is there an xtra that allows this to be set? (this is for a PC, not MAC)

      (this needs to be set in Director, so manually going to a system control panel would not be sufficient)

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          duckets Level 1


          I just had a quick glance through the xtras there and nothing immediately seemed to jump out at me as fitting your requirement, but I would guess if you looked at some of them more closely they might offer the the option you're looking for.

          (specifically, you want to set the mic output volume, as done in the windows control panel)

          - Ben

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            cratica Level 1
            Thank you duckets. Yes, I've been looking for quite some time now but haven't found anything. I may have to hire someone to write something for me unfortunately. AudioXtra has this function, called "playthrough" for the MAC only, but not the PC.

            On my computer (DELL), it's called the "input monitor" in the volume control mixer, but on some it's called the "mic" or "mic in". Perhaps others it's "line in", not sure.

            Any help with this would be hugely appreciated. Thanks.