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    Created collection now what


      I'm using LR3. I have created  several collections in order to select some photos for a book project. However, I don't know what to do in oder to export these photos  from the collections in oder to create a file with these images to either print or to have a digital file


      So far I think the only way would be very tedious workflow., in exporting e/a photo and in some cases converting Raw to juega thanks

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          deepakg1988 Adobe Employee

          Hi Neptwone,


          If you want to export the image file from the collection you can right click on image file and choose export.

          You can also go to the print module and print the images which are in the Collection.



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            Neptwone Level 1

            Thanks for the suggestion; however, if I Rt click then it sounds like I have to select one image at a time correct. I don't want to go to the Print Module, since I might need to go to Develop Module first. I guess there's no difference if a file is a RAW or Jpeg, each image has to be exported as you indicated.

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              ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

              You can select one or more images for development. The default number if none is selected is all in the current collection or folder.


              You can select one or more images for printing or export.


              Raw or jpg, after editing you need to export the file(s) so that the edits can be seen outside of Lightroom.

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                Neptwone Level 1

                Ok so it sounds like its best to do one at a time vs a batch.


                I just tested it. and this is what I found out:

                1- I'm glad to find out that exporting the image from the collection it doesn't remove it from the folder where the original image is filed

                2- I exported (no previews) and kept the same name in order to have some sense of continuity. But, when I exported a second image from a different collection, it tends to overwrite the previous image that was exported to the same destination folder.


                My question is : How can I export several images from several collection to stay on the same destination folder. At the moment, it looks like the latest export overwrite the previous exported file

                Any suggestion

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                  ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

                  The default name for the exported file is the same name as the original file, ignoring the file extension.


                  If the export process is overwriting files, then you have multiple original files with the same name (probably in different folders), or you have turned on the rename feature in the export dialog.


                  However, the export dialog does have the option of letting you decide what to do with existing export files (skip, overwrite, rename).