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    Old iOS App upgraded with a new Air build is not verified by Apple Store because of UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities limits in info.plist


      We were commisioned to upgrade an old iOS/Android app.

      We developed the new app with Flash Professional CC (Build + Adobe Air ( for both operating systems. No problem on Android. apart from a bit of work removing the air prefix from the app id.

      Also the new build submissions and several TestFlights on iOS went perfectly.

      The issue raised when switching the build from production to verification. The returned error is


      The app's Info.plist can't contain values for the UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities key that would prevent this app from opening on any iOS device.


      After a lot of googling without solutions, we realized that the problem is that the old version of the app had no restrictions of use, while the new one has! In fact AIR Compiler automatically inserts this pair of values in info.plist file







      wich means the new app cares about something and will not let any devices to run itself!

      This two required capabilities on our opinion are almost useless as soon as iOS version 7+ (as per our build) does require them




      anyway the matter is

      how to remove this key from the info.plist file?


      It's our opinion that Adobe should find a solution in the compiling process, because if these required functionalities remain compulsory it is practically impossible to migrate almost any old app to air framework, wich seems non-sense.


      Hope someone can help us.