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    When recording software simulations in Captivate 8, it's capturing a large black border to the right of the recording window. Even though the red box of the recording window is the correct size, it shows a black area of the screen to the right of the reco

    cobaltblues52 Level 1

      So in recording screens in an application, we're using a template with a resolution of 740 x 555. Then, the screen resolution we're capturing in is 1280 x 768. Two people are doing this and for one it works fine and the correct window size is captured. But for the other one of us, it's capturing a large black border to the right and outside of the recording window. And, it happens in whatever application is being recorded. We've walked through the steps together and all of the setting are the same. We're both using IE 11. Does anyone have experience with this or suggestions? Thanks!