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    Ipad memory not decreasing when removing collections

    shuttleman Level 1

      So, I'm having memory issues with Lightroom Mobile and my Ipad.   Yesterday I had a number of photos on my Ipad which were placed on the ipad by sync with my Lightroom desktop version.  I removed 3 or 4 collection by going into the menu on my Lighroom Mobile and removing collection.  Before the removal I noticed the Lightroom was taking up 4.1 GB of storage space.  After removal, the storage amount was the same.  If I assume I removed at least 1000 maybe 1500 photos I  should have seen a significant reduction in the amount of storage space used.  Yet it is the same.  I have seen this before and the only way to  "recover" the memory is to uninstall the app.  Any one have an idea what is going on?