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    Edge Animate Symbol cycle



      I have created two symbols, around 30sec each and I don't know how to make them appear one after another in timeline, and then to make timeline to go in a loop.

      They both start from 0:00 and overlap. One solution is to make one to go up to 60sec and make it's first 30sec blank. That way they would also overlap, but while so, one is "empty", so it looks fine.

      But I know that's not the way.

      I need to make them cycle, both auto and on click - flash example https://www.dm-drogeriemarkt.hr/

      Any ideas?


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          HI, when you create a symbol you have a little icon on the timeline like a down arrow, click there and you can stop, play the symbol whenever you want on your timeline, when you click on it it looks like a dropdown.


          also to make the symbol loop, insert a trigger at the end of your animation and type: