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    loadmovie scale help

    Ricky_Bobby Level 1
      i know how to load the picture using the loadmovie function. And I even know how to scale the pic using either a percentage or a pixel value. However, what I am stuck on something, and if I explain the situation it would help me explain my problem. I am creating a 'yearbook' shall we say type of look for one of my pages in flash. this yearbook will grab the pictures of the members from an online folder instead of using set pics, due to the fact that I want it interactive allowing the members to upload the latest pics and all that. My specific question is how do i load each pic and just set the hieght in pixels, so that the pics all appear at the same hieght, and then set the width pixels to scale accordingly keeping the aspect ratio of the pic. Currently I only know how to set the width pixels manually, but I need it to just move along with the hieght pixel. Any help with this code would be great. And at the same time if you could help me with a quick preloader script too for while the pic is loadign that would help me out alot. Thanks