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    Will LR ever have built-in .jp2 support?

    Soundgarden Level 1

      It would be nice to not only have JPEG 2000 support, but also support for archive files.  While Lightroom is geared toward photographers, there are plenty of us who use LR as an image cataloger as well.


      ... and before some one responds "that's an outdated format", please.... please.. PLEASE try to understand that not everyone uses LR exactly the way you do and try to understand there are institutions out there that committed to using .jp2 before newer formats were even imagined - and institutions can't discard formats very easily for another, it literally takes an act of congress for some of these institutions.


      I know someone created a plug-in to support .jp2, but it was for older LR vers and I can no longer find it in Adobe's list of plug-ins avail.


      Thanks for any tips/help for cataloging these types of formats.


      And FYI, Lightroom's biggest competitor has built-in support for .jp2, .tar, .arj, .rar, etc.