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    Burning Breezo to CD

      I've created a Breezo and it's beautiful and it plays as expected when I publish it to my hard drive or to the Breeze server. However when I burn the finished copy to CD the presentation plays with a five second delay between each slide. Meaning: it won't advance immediately to the next slide -- the user can force the slide to advance or sit patiently and wait for it do it automatically. There's no space (inserted silence) in audio editor between the slides so I don't know what gives. Five seconds doesn't seem like a long time but it's awkward and breaks the flow. Thoughts?
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          I've burned numerous Breezo cd's as autorun and haven't had this issue. One thought, have you tried it on two different PC's? As each slide is loaded seperatly as a flash file, if you have a good amount of data, my thought is that it has to "spin up" again, read, then play.

          Let me know... i'd be interested to hear any other thoughts. You can also forward me the PPT and PPC if you want as a zip, if it's a respectable size... and i'll see what i can figure out for you.


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            VIRVIN Level 1
            Thanks for the quick response. Yes, there are quite a few slides and they all have animations on them. I did actually think that may have been the issue since each slide is its own .swf file but I guess I don't understand why the behavior would be different when I run it "live" from the link versus from the CD. I've tried it on two different PCs.

            We did a number of other presentations from Captivate and we didn't experience any problems. Is that because Captivate produces one .swf movie that doesn't have to "reload" per slide? I'd hate to have to recreate my Breeze presentation in Captivate...

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              jonesclarix Level 1

              I was thinking that you might have a variable speed cd rom which would cause it to re-spin the cd if your slides are lengthy, that’s all.

              Do you by chance have the download slide completely before playing option checked in preferences? That might do it as well...

              Other than that... not sure without seeing the files.