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    Delete and Close Gap


      I am using Adobe Premier 13  and have moved clips and audio which  leaves gaps in the timeline  Logically, you right click and it comes up with " delete and close gap"    Unfortunately that command does not work  What am I doing wrong?


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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Sometimes what is directly above and below the gap to be closed prevents the Delete and Close Gap command from working.

          In that type of situation, you close the gap manually with the mouse cursor. You do this carefully so as not to disturb the existing Timeline. We can talk about that some more if necessary.


          Here is an example of one case of Delete and Close Gap Failures

          ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE: Delete and Close Gap Failures


          If you post a screenshot of your Timeline structure, we might be able to suggest the cause of the problem specific to your situation.

          The specified item was not found.





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            colinb11482679 Level 1

            So ATR  when you do a delete and move the clip  it either leaves a gap in the audio or video depending on which track you are working on   You used to be able to completely unlink the audio and video?  Does 14 fix this problem   Is is very anoying

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Note that in newer versions of the program, Delete and Close Gap is a function of Video 1/Audio 1 and may not work on other tracks if video is on Video 1/Audio 1.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                I see no advantage for you going for Premiere Elements 13/13.1 to 14 for reasons related to Delete and Close Gap issues.

                And, about separating Audio from Video, in 13 and 14, there is still the right click of the clip, select Unlink Audio and Video as well as Delete Audio or Delete Video.


                The Video 2 and higher tracks (13/14) have different behavior often in comparison to the simple Video 1 Delete and Close Gap Model.

                One example, if you have video only on Video Track 2, cut out a segment, and try Delete and Close Gap, no go. The option is grayed out.

                But, if I right click the cut out, select Delete, and right click the gap left by the deletion, I get an active Delete and Close Gap pop up where I right clicked.

                And, the command does just that. Again, what is above or below the clip in question can influence the outcome.


                As suggested previous, if you can post a screenshot to represent the Timeline condition, I will look at it and offer best possible maneuvers to get a delete and close gap situation one way of another.


                We will be watching for your progress.


                Best wishes



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                  colinb11482679 Level 1

                  All audio and vieo is placed in the Video 1 and Audio 1 tracks

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                    colinb11482679 Level 1

                    You can see that I had to stagger the audio above and below  as you can delete and close theCapture2.JPG gaps

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                      colinb11482679 Level 1

                      ATR   When I right click on a video or audio clip ( video clips are photos)  There is no "unlink audio and video"   There is a delet and many other options ?


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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        Thanks for the replies and the screenshot.


                        From the looks of that TImeline content (looks like multiple photos and various audio clips underneath them), this all resembles the type of Disable and Close Gap failure that I focused on in the blog post cited in the prior post in your thread ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE: Delete and Close Gap Failures


                        If you have photo and audio linked or unlinked Video 1/Audio 1, you are not going to get a choice of Unlink Audio and Video of Link Audio and Video. For that photo audio, Instead your choice is Ungroup or Group.


                        a. if they are ungrouped, then you have to select both at the same time, right click in the selection, then select Group in the pop up menu.

                        Hold down the Shift key and click on the clips to select them or, with the mouse cursor, draw a rectangle around those clips to select them at the same time.

                        b. if they are grouped, then you just right click the grouped clips, then select Ungroup in the pop up menu.


                        Please let me know if you are OK with those details.


                        Does your screenshot in post 6 represent what worked for you to achieve the effect wanted?


                        Thanks again for the replies. Appreciated the follow ups.



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                          colinb11482679 Level 1

                          So ATR  I selected all the photos ( I just used Crl A)  and then I could use Group   it seems they were "ungrouped"    So what does this mean now  That all photos are "grouped"   and I move or delete one the others will follow?



                          BYW  thank you for your help  it seems you have been down this road !

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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            Once the photos are grouped, they can me moved with the mouse cursor as that Group. So as a Group, all will be selected and acted on by your edit within that Group. When clips are in a Group, some program features are not available to a Group. Example, if you selected the Group, the choices under Applied Effects Tab/Applied Effects Palette/ would not be available there to the Group, such as Motion Panel expanded options Scale and Position as well as Opacity Panel expanded. Editing of applied effects to the Group would also be affected.


                            The Group shines when you have lot of arranging of Timeline content to do and you want to minimize the moving around of individual clips. Also, hold down the Alt key in many instances as you drag new files to the Timeline in order to avoid disturbances in the existing time.


                            Many of these related matters have basic tips and guidelines, but often you need to create manuevers to get the job done as the Timeline structure becomes more complex or crowded.


                            Please update us on your progress when you get a chance.


                            Thanks again for the follow ups.