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    How to avoid smoothing when creating a sprite sheet?


      Hi, I'm doing a bit of pixel art animation to then use them in a video game but I am having trouble when it comes to creating the sprite sheet from Flash. What I normally do is:


      1-Import PNG pixel character (100x100) and right click (on the item on library): uncheck allow smoothing

      2- Bring it to scene, Modify/Bitmap/Trace Bitmap (treshold=10, area=1)

      3- Animate

      4- Create Classic Tween

      5- Grab the Tweens from the library /Create Sprite Sheet (PNG 32bits)


      But if I open it on Photoshop I can clearly see that the edges and the colors are smoother, which in the case of pixel art, ruins the character.


      Does anyone knows how to avoid this to happen?