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    Excell to Indesign with Table and Charts to remain editable?


      My client has a lot of Excell Charts and Tables, which are required to be re-set in InDesign.

      I am wondering if I can import these files directly into Indesign, where the chart and table (sometimes contained within the same excell file) will remain intact and editable?

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          You can place tables, either link them to the original file or edit in tables in InDesign.

          You can't import Charts, you have to export them as graphics from Excel, which is not a good idea as MS Office has no way to output to printable formats at all, even PDFs are either rasterized or in a form which will cause problems.

          You will have to set up the charts in Illustrator from the scratch. A new feature is now developed to make charts from there via CC Libraries, but as it is now it is a Public Preview under development and not useable for professional projects, so you will have to use the old chart tools in Illustrator and create them from the scratch.

          In some cases it might work to copy a chart from Excel and paste it into Illustrator, but you can edit only them if no shadow or gradient in any way is used in the charts in Excel, otherwise you would receive only low resolution RGB images with no chance to make them look professional in Illustrator.