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    Standard keyboard shortcuts are unavailable on a swedish keyboard

    weedobooty Level 1

      This is an issue that users of a swedish keyboard (and assume most european languages) are affected by. Many of the keyboard shortcuts are not available. Some of them are essential, like brush size and feather increase/decrease and the before/after shortcut in Lightroom. This should be a known issue for Adobe. I found this post from July 2013 that describes the problem pretty well: Is Lightroom intentionally made difficult for non-English users?


      I found this Adobe blog post: Lightroom – Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts « Julieanne Kost's Blog which recommends an external plugin for remapping keyboard shortcuts. I bought the plugin for EUR 3.50 and was pretty disappointed to find that it did not resolve any of the issues. Also, i have not been able to get the refund i asked them for, since the plugin was useless for me.


      When i contacted Adobe support via Twitter, they recommended i reset my shortcuts. That will not solve this issue. Neither will rebooting the computer or any other standard helpdesk trick.


      I suppose the european users aren't many or loud enough to get this issue prioritized for new releases.