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    Problems with Canon MG 7550

    jean pierret8191634



      I use this printer with my Imac 27" 5K Retina (Yosemite 10.10.5) and while it works perfectly all the time (including with Apple "Photos"), I just cannot use it with LR6:


      At first, I got a message from the printer saying that the printing parameters on it where not identical to the ones stated in LR. Which was not true: size, paper quality..were OK) and it was impossible to go on. I did as told (re-enter the paper charactéristics...etc.) but always got the same message over and over again.


      So I disabled the alert procedure on the printer. Now it starts OK. I get the blue bargraph OK with the indication that printer is connected and printing...but after a very long wait, Its produces a blank photo !  Another possibility (cannot say why or when !!): it actually starts printing but suddenly the bargraph reduces to about 1/4 of its full size and the photo is only partially printed...


      I must be missing something...


      Can someone help ?


      Many thanks...also to those who solved my earlier problem with the DNG flows