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    Processor Power for Sony A7s Footage


      Hi Everyone,


      These are the specifications of my current PC running Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015. However trying to playback or render Sony A7s XAVC S footage is difficult and choppy without a full render which takes around 5 minutes for just 30 seconds of video and playback is choppy and laggy.

      I have ensured that Mercury playback engine is enabled in prioject settings, however GPU load is rarely above 5% during playback or rendering. (Is this because of the XAVC-S or does GPU not get used for rendering and only for effects?)


      Intel Core i5 2400

      16GB DDR3 RAM

      Nvidia GTX 960 4GB

      Samsung 850 SSD


      Or is it just that my processor is getting old? If i were to buy a new one & motherboard / RAM, do you recommend a 6700k or a 5820k? Are the extra 2 cores worth the clock speed? Price is not an issue between these two.





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          cc_merchant Level 4

          XAVCS is a pretty demanding codec in terms of processing power. The i5 lacks in that area, because it only has 4 cores and no hyper-threading. Add to that only 16 GB memory and a single SSD, maybe even the slow EVO? There you have the ingredients for choppy behavior which is offset by the video card for accelerated effects only. The video card does nothing for non-accelerated effects.

          The 5820K has 6 physical cores and 12 logical cores, 3 times the cores of the i5. It is a better choice than the 6700K, but you would still benefit from a 2nd SSD.