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    Problem with RoboHelp reviews and SVN Tortoise


      Hello everybody,


      I am using RoboHelp HTML 11 and SVN Tortoise as source control. I just started to involve my colleague as a reviewer and we are encountering a problem during the following review workflow:


      1) I finish a RoboHelp project and COMMIT it to SVN (all files).

      2) My colleague clicks UPDATE and opens the RoboHelp project to review it and add comments. Then she closes the project and clicks COMMIT to check in her version (all files).

      3) I click UPDATE and open the RoboHelp project to see her comments. I accept/ignore/delete them, close the project afterwards and click COMMIT to check in my version (all files).

      4) Now, when my colleague clicks UPDATE, she sees an error message saying that "one or more files are in a conflict state". When she opens the project, she still sees all her comments in the review window (which cannot be deleted). The changes I made in the actual topics are also visible.


      Can anybody please explain why this error message appears?

      Thank you very much in advance!