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    Help with formatting hyperlinks

      here is some code i extracted from the lingo help to make a sprite an active hyperlink

      this script is part fo a start movie event which is attatched to the movie

      member("web_address").word[1].hyperlink = " http://www.unn.ac.uk"

      and this script is attatched to the sprite (which is a text field), as a behaviour

      property spriteNum
      on hyperlinkClicked me, data, range
      if data starts " http://" then
      unnlink = sprite(spriteNum).member
      unnlink.word[4].hyperlinkState = #visited
      end if

      however when i do this i get that hideous blue coloured hyperlink. i have looked in every option within director to change the colour of this and get rid of the underline but i cannot find this.

      i also checked through the lingo help and there doesnt seem to be anything there either

      does anyone have any suggestions on how to recolour hyperlinks and to not display the underline.

      i am guessing i could convert my sprite to an image but i do not want this as i want my whole movie to be vector and not bitmap for obvious anti aliasing avoidance.

      please help of you can