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    Alert.show() interesting behaviour

      I use multiple SWFs loaded in one main SWF. Each SWF is form and its form is linked to a class that extends the form class.

      Most of the forms use a base class. The base class includes a prompt function that calls Alert.show(). The form class calls the prompt function and when used within the SWF itself it works as expected but when the SWF is loaded in a movieclip of the main SWF then the message becomes the title and the title becomes the message and everything else seems to be find.

      I cannot figure out what the fuddle doddle is going on.

      I know that some V2 components don't behaves as expected when used in a SWF loaded into another SWF such as the ComboBox component that requires a _lockroot to expand its list when clicked if it's SWF is loaded into another SWF.

      I suspect the same type of weirdness is going on with the Alert component. I do have the _lockroot set but no cigars.

      I also imported the mx.controls.Alert class in both, the base class and the form class with no success.

      Does anyone know how to make this work?

      Also, dos anyone knows of a list of SWF loaded into another SWF V2 component quirks and their solutions if any?