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    Using loadMovieNum function

    ChuckRWD Level 1
      I have an swf that is 300 (w) x 240 (h) and I am trying to load it using loadMovieNum. When the user presses a button, this swf comes up as a pop up window. This swf uses various masks and incorporates a magnifying glass function to zoom into a map. I have tried to use the loader component to bring it up within my movie, but it only comes up as an image, with none of the actionscript functionality I put into it, however when called using loadMovieNum, it works perfect, however it REPLACES my movie, rather than opening up a new new window. Is this the best way to do this or should I use a getURL function? If I use the getURL function, can I set the height and width of the window?

      Thanks for all the help!

      Chuck Carter