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    Dynamic content in tables / nested dynamic content

    lwilhelmer Level 1

      Hello RH community,


      let's say I have defined four Conditional Build Tags in my RH 2015 project: A, B, C, and D. I also set up these CBTs for Dynamic Content Filtering (HTML5 output).


      In my topic, I added a table with three rows and some text in each row. Then, I assigned one CBT to each row (row 1 -> A, row 2 -> B, row 3 -> C).


      I also added some text outside of the table and assigned CBT "D" to it.


      So what happens if I view this topic in my webbrowser (IE / Chrome / whatever) and select "D" as a content filter? The text of the three rows is hidden, but the table borders are still visible.


      This is because the table is not effectively empty - it still contains paragraphs with the "rh-hide" class added to them.


      Now I thought I could wrap the whole table in a <?rh-cbt_start condition="A, B, C" ?> tag. Unfortunately, this applies the A,B,C condition to all rows of the table, and the differentiation between A, B, and C does not work anymore.


      I think that's because nested dynamic content conditions are not possible with RH. You can't say "apply this condition to this content, and within this content, have a different condition". Am I right? Is there any solution to this problem?


      Best regards,