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    How to "Watermark" that is hidden but will print...

    jsavage77 Level 1

      I need to place a small warning text on each page of indesign documents that will not display on the exported PDF when viewed on screen but will print if the PDF is printed. I'm wondering if it's possible with these requirements:


      1. Must be able to be scripted.
      2. Must be scripted within inDesign, not acrobat (will be added to an existing INDD script workflow).
      3. "Watermark" must not display on screen when viewing the exported PDF.
      4. "Watermark" must be displayed on any prints from PDF.


      Anyone have any ideas? I found a few ideas for doing this manually online, but I can't seem to get any of them to work with my current version of INDD (2015). In addition I need to be able to script whatever solution is available, and I'm not as familiar with INDD scripting as I am with AI.