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    User adding personalized notes

      The software that my company designs is very flexible so our help files are very vague. Is there a way that we can provide a notes section for each topic where a user can go in and make notes on customized programs and procedures? These notes do not need to be published or posted to the web they would be location specific and used internally for each client.
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          Hi rrambur and welcome to the forum. You mention the web which would indicate your help is webhelp...right? Not that this matters though as there is no functionality that you can add to allow users to add notes to your compiled help no matter what the format However there are ways around this. Our company provides a link in our application to a customised help file that the client can maintain. It's accessed from the Help menu. Mind you, no one uses this facility which is why no one here has bothered to change the application code as it is still limited to calling a winhelp file. LOL! Note to self: I must speak to the lead developer about winhelp and windows vista. Another option is to allow users to access an intranet or wiki that they could maintain.