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    ctrl-enter, player does not appear (air)

    VooDoo Chicken Level 1

      not exactly flash cc, but flash general question.


      I am working on a project I intend to export as a mobile app. Since for quite some time I have installed the CS3, and have not need things from newer versions, this is the version I have been using for quite a while. But, to export as a mobile app, I need newer versions. Recently I installed the 5.5 (the one before the last one, or 6, before it went 'cloud'), which I had bought quite long ago, but had not installed as I didn't need anything from what I already had.


      Since Flash is supposed to be the same as Air (which is not), I had developed most of the project as a Flash thing and expected to do the 'mobile' stuff later on. According to the state of the project, it would be time to start testing in air. So in the player select, I choose 'air' (in CS3), and it uses the air player. or so it was till some time ago. I made a backup of the file before testing and changing settings

      If I test in 5.5, same thing happens: If i test it with the flash player, it will open, but if I select air, or air for android (have not tested with ios), nothing will happen. It will open the 'publishing' dialog box, and it will show the little progress bar, but when the progress is complete.. nothing


      Funny thing: If I test the backup file, it will open either the flash player or the air player. So I opened the backup file and saved it, using the 'save as' option, as the original file. Nothing. So instead of overwrite, I delete the original, open the backup and save it again as the original, or with the original name. nothing. Opening the backup, which will open the player with no problem, with no changes, saving it as the initial file, and the resulting saved file will not open the air player. I don't find any logical explanation. I am aware that cs3 was a complete mess and adobe should be sued or punished in any way for releasing such a piece of crap, which people paid and not cheaply, but same thing happens when I open the same file in cs 5.5. It will open the flash player, but not the air player. I find no reason for this


      any pointers?


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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I can't tell whether it's AIR desktop or AIR mobile that you're trying to do. Things have progressed a bit in the time since CS3 and 5.5, you can now easily add a later version of AIR to Flash Pro.


          In the CS 5.5 days you had to fool Flash Pro into using a later version. You could try the steps shown here:




          only when it's talking about using AIR 3.2, we're up to AIR 19 now. I don't know if the overlaying will work, but it's worth trying.


          Hopefully some of the difficulties you're seeing have been improved in the 8 1/2 years since CS3 was released.

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            VooDoo Chicken Level 1

            tnx! unfortunately this does not help in my case, which is to test in my development environment, for air. But I'll check out your blog, which may give me some pointers for some other stuff. Guess I am just pissed at adobe right now: some things look different in air than flash; some time ago the transform functions were implemented wrong (but they were corrected in a patch later), in fireworks, to move a bitmap with shift-arrow, the up arrow would not work.. when I loaded a bitmap, with only one layer and the layer was locked, instead of creating another layer it would start painting and screwing up the locked layer.. and so on and so on.. but these are not free products, those are paid products, that they sell full of bugs

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              VooDoo Chicken Level 1

              update: the weirdest thing. the problem is that a certain file, when I hit ctrl enter, it will open the flash player, but not the air player if the settings are to test as air

              so far, a backup file was running fine (i.e, it runs in the air player with no problem), but if I save the backup as the original, overwriting it, it will run no more in air. Now I tested it backwards; I saved the non running file with some other name, and now it runs fine again. With the precedents, as in deleting the original, and saving the backup with the name of the original, and that new save would not run, it all suggests that the problem is related with the file name. It may not be the file itself, but maybe the registry of the air player itself (I did not know it had a registry, but all this suggests this is the case; also the publish options have an option for the air id of the application, which is probably kept in a registry) is corrupted, or the entry for that file name is corrupted somehow