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    GTX 680 or 780?


      Hi all


      I need to pick up a card to enable a Mac Pro 3,1 to run Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC.with GPU acceleration and am not sure what to go for.   Advice would be appreciated..


      Options I'm considering (from macvidcards.com) are:


      • Nvidia GTX 780 3 GB or 6 GB


      Nvidia GTX 680 2 GB or 4 GB


      The 680 is on the 'approved' list, but for 25% more money the 780 is apparently almost twice as fast and doesn't require a power cable. 

      Since the 780m (mobile version) has already been approved, I'm loathe to go for the slower card to 'play safe' if the 780 might be approved next month.


      So..anyone using a 780 without issue with Premiere and AE?  Anything else I should be looking at in the sub $500 range?


      Thanks - Jon