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    crashed drive..backed up data from backup to new drive...new drive doesn't see edits


      One of my external hard drives crashed. I tried repairing it with Mac Utility and Disk Warrior; both said they couldn't fix it. I can see all the thumbnails on the failed drive with the indicators showing edits and where copies went. I backed up the drive from my backup drive (Silverkeeper). The old drive has the name "Mac HD2 photos 1960-199 2 tb." The new drive has the name "Older images." The new drive has all the original images, but none of the work I did on them. I clicked on the exclamation point for one of the files on the old drive and got a messages saying Lightroom couldn't find the file; tell it where it is now. I pointed it to that file in "Older images," and clicked on the button on the bottom saying to the same to nearby images. I got a Lightroom error message saying a filename could exist in only one place, whereupon it kicked me by to the dead drive.How do I get my new drive, which has all the files, to recognize the information connected with those files in the dead drive?