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    Hello, IT, have you tried turning it off and on again?

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      Good evening,


      So, yes, I've done everything on the 'So you can't download Adobe Stock Images' page. I've signed out (and back in), and I've tried different browsers, and cleared the cache. If it had worked, you wouldn't be reading this (thanks btw!).


      I'm using a PC. I bought 3 pictures individually from Adobe stock, and can't download them.   Plus, my images show up as licensed, but still have watermarks, so I can't left click save them either. Can someone please help me fix this?  I'm sure there's a handy link with many more exciting options to try, but I couldn't narrow it down.


      I did get emailed the receipts, so I know the purchases did go through.  Your help is appreciated!

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          I figured it out without help. For future people with this problem, you just have to find the 'Save to desktop' option. It only allows you to save it as a .png or .bmp, but it's better than nothing. I was expecting an .svg option, or .jpg at least.


          I won't use Adobe Stock in the future. Adobe may be the best company in the world for design software, but Adobe Stock is awful, and so is Adobe's nonexistent customer service.  A forum where customers answer each others questions, combined with having to answer questions exactly the right way through drop down menus to actually talk to someone says, "We don't actually give a cow fart about any of you peasants."  It would have taken an actual person less than a minute to help me find the answer. (Yes, Waaa.)

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