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    sony camera 7r mk 2 -get messasge-unable to generate preview when importing to Lightroom



      Does anyone know how to get the Sony raw ( ARW), taken with the new Sony 42megapixel  camera , to work with Adobe Lightroom.

      When trying to import from my Sandisk extreme pro sd card into Lightroom the app is saying:  unable to generate preview for the files which were taken with this camera....I am unable to import these files.

      Lightroom says unable to import files -not recognised by the raw support in Lightroom.

      However Raw files generated by the   Sony a7rs camera, imports and plays well with Lightroom....


      I am now using lightroom 6 lifetime license edition not CC (just updated from 5,7).

      I thought that  this upgrade would have resolved this issue....but that doesn't seem to be the case.

      Is anyone having a similar issue.....and if so how was it resolved.