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    Opening a project on another pc?


      What files do I need to send (via email or drop box) so someone can open the project on the same software on another pc?  When just the .prel file is sent, it indicates files are missing.  I added all the raw clips the second computer but now it says other files are missing.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You will need to send not only the .prel project file but also every media file that your project is linked to.


          Under the File menu, Premiere Elements has a Project Archiver that will copy the project file and all media files to a single folder. However, media files can be very large so, unless you're sending your friend files on a portable hard drive or thumb drive, the package of files will probably be too big to simply FTP.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Project file and its source media are important in the sending, and Premiere Elements Project Archiver/Copy Project is a good choice

            Adobe Premiere Elements Help | Archiving projects

            but other factors can be involved which will block success.


            There may be features embedded in the project file that need to be in Premiere Elements on second computer and activated. One example is archiving project with disc menus


            The short answer to that is to make sure the disc menu is in the Premiere Elements in the second computer and that is ready to use (Content download). Sometimes you can into problems in this regard with title templates which are composed of text and image.


            What makes up the Timeline content of the project file that you want to share?



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              lorikj Level 1

              I checked again and it said the rendered file was missing.  I assume this can be recreated by rendering again?

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Thanks for the reply.


                When you saved the project and its assets using File Menu/Project Archiver, did you make sure that you used the Copy Project option instead of the Archive Project Option. The Copy Project option should have included in the Copied Folder the Adobe Premiere Elements Preview Folder  which has the previews (rendered files).


                What version of Premiere Elements is involved, what computer operating system. I will road test this in the next hour or first thing tomorrow morning. My first impression is that Timeline rendering should take care of things. If you have opened the project and are not getting into the opened project because of "Where is the file____?" messages, just click the Skip All to get into the project and then go to Timeline Menu/Render Work Area. As I said, I will road test that to make sure there are no glitches. Let me know if you get to this first.


                To be continued...



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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Just did the road test as suggested by the plan mentioned in post 4....


                  Created a new Premiere Elements project to get the project file, imported some photos, rendered them. File Menu/Project Archiver/Copy Project option to get the Copied Folder which did include the Adobe Premiere Elements Preview Files Folder (rendered files).


                  Deleted the Adobe Premiere Elements Preview files Folder from the Copied Folder.

                  Then right clicked the project file (prel) in the Copied Folder to Open With Premiere Elements (version number)


                  The project opened as expected with the "Where are the files___?" messages for the missing rendered files

                  Hit Skip All in the first message to get into the project.

                  Timeline Menu/Render Work Area

                  All was fine.


                  Please review and consider. Maybe even do a mini test run to verify that it does the job for you.


                  Please let us know the outcome as your schedule permits.


                  Thank you.



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                    lorikj Level 1

                    thank you so much for responding. I did get it to work after loading all the source files--which I still have here on an sd card. Then I was able to get the .prel file to work and rendered again. We did not archive because my daughter was sending me files from another computer and had already send the .prel file.  I was worried an archived file would be too big to send.  We are using version 13 on windows 8 and 10 pcs.  She did check the preview files folder at one point and it was empty?


                    Also, I could not get the publish and share to put more than 1 file on a DVD, so had to make 2 DVDs



                    All's well that ends well, but spent a lot of time today helping her with this.

                    thanks again

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Great news " all ends well". You did a great job of follow through and getting the task completed successfully.


                      Thanks for letting us know the outcome.


                      Best wishes to you and your daughter.