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    WTB default html5 canvas' html file template that i can edit.

    Falrinth Level 1

      For example google requires meta tag like: <meta name="ad.size" content="width=300,height=250">

      I would be very thankfull to anyone that would teach me how to edit Flash CC's html5 canvas html file's template so it will generate such tag with proper values. Any ideas?


      Reason why i ask for that is that if i would publish even just 10 ads for google specification, i will spend hours monthly browsing trough folders and editing each html individually to add same thing over and over again. And (as a programmer friend of mine used to say long time ago) if you do same thing over and over again on a computer you are doing it wrong. And yeah, it looks like something that can be programmed - i woudlnt like to turn into robot myself, and rather spend time working on something robots arent good at.


      Some time ago i have got information from this site, that i can edit default html file for swf ads and i did. Now would be lovely to be able to do same for html5 ones - cant find it in the flash's guts on my drive tho. :/