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    Creative Cloud will not Sync Fonts from Typekit.


      Creative Cloud will not sync my fonts from typekit, and previously synced fonts are no longer available on my adobe applications. All I can access are the default fonts. When I go to assets --> fonts, a blue wheel appears endlessly. This blue wheel has been turning for 6 hours now (every time I check it). I am still subscribed to typekit-- i can still access the fonts and can still hit the "+ Use fonts" button, and my online account still shows fonts I attempt to sync to Cloud as "synced".


      Here is what I have tried the past few hours, after googling the problem :

      1. I have quit creative cloud and restarted it, signed in and out of creative cloud multiple times.

      2. I have removed all my fonts from typekit, quit creative cloud, then restarted creative cloud and attempted to add just one font to the list of synced fonts.

      3. I have turned off Norton security entirely and then gone through #1 and #2 again.

      4. I have completely updated my Creative Cloud applications.

      I could not turn off the option to sync fonts in creative cloud-- it is grayed out. I am unsure what else to try. If anyone knows how to fix this, I would be very grateful.