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    MovieClipLoader - help please

      I am having problems with a scroller project. I've attached the complete project - find the URL below.

      The problem happens in the thumbnail_fn() when the MovieClipLoader is called. For some reason the loadClip method loads each clip accordingly but after the CreateEmptyMovieClip (in this case 15 times) the code calls the listener function. This is where the positioning happens for each created movieclip. The problem is it positions each loaded clip backwards from bottom to top instead of top to bottom (how the xml file looks).

      After further testing I have found that if each image is the same height all you have to do is uncomment line 42 and comment lines 43, 44. Everything works great. But, if the images are not the same height and you comment line 42 and uncomment lines 43, 44 things load randomly at times or the last position of the thumbnail array to the first (bottom to top).

      Please look at the attached code. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


      p.s. keep refreshing you browser. I only see the random order problem when I upload each file to a live server. If I run this on my local machine I get the bottom to top problem unless I comment out lines 43, 44 an uncomment line 42 (and this will only work if each image has the same height).