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    Re-installing Adobe Premiere Element 13


      I recent purchased Adobe Premiere Element 13 and loaded it onto my PC.

      I loaded the 64 Bit version and as I was using it to edit, I realised I was running out of disk space so I decided to delete a few items to make space and accidently deleted some of the running files.

      I then tried to unistall Adobe Premiere and tried re-installing the 32 bit version instead and it won't let me, it keep stelling me I have an error as it starts the install set up after I have put in my Serial number.

      What can I do?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You're not going to get much free space by installing the 32 bit rather than the 64 bit version of the program. Besides, if you've got a 64 bit operating system, you WANT the 64 bit version of the program. Otherwise it's like putting 20 inch tires on a 26 bicycle.


          That said, if you're really that tight on hard drive space, you're probably not going to be able to edit video anyway on your current hard drive. Video files are, by nature, huge -- and editing them requires like of free, defragmented hard drive space for creating temp, render and work files.


          So if, after installing the program, you've got less than 50-60 gigs of free space, I'd highly recommend dropping in a new drive. Otherwise you're going to face nothing but frustration.