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    Hey :) , add css effect, full backgrownd and border, create loop / repeat / go to start,




      love tha animate! still i didnt find on youtube or any other place tuts or ideas for hendeling with those points:


      1. add effect like sepia or grayscale to image (i can add another image i know but it dubble the site weight and im trying to avoid it..)

      so can i add in the script section on hover or other event something like this:

      .blur-me { filter: blur(20px); }


      2.please link me to a good tutorial that teaches haw to create loop for 1 element. loop / repeat or go to start will create the same effect so eche one of them will be great!


      3. when i choose responsive scalling for the composition, can i add a full backgrownd color that not effected from the composition size and scale?

      i know there is this code:

      #juiceForTheYoung {

      background-color: pink important!;


      but i didnt succed to handle with it.

      grey full bg.jpg

      Thanks alot!