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    Problems updating Lightroom 6 CC


      Hi forum,

      I've got some problems updating my Lightroom 6 CC, Windows Desktop Version.

      First I've download the evaluation version and tested it for 30 days.

      Than I bought the desktop License.

      When I try to update my Lightroom (Help\Update) the CC-Wizard starts and stops at 2 %

      with the message: trying to connect to the server.

      I already succesfully checked the adobe help (hosts-file, Explorer-configuration, etc.) - no effect.

      By the way: do I really need the CC-wizard since I'm using the desktop version?

      How I'm to update the Lightroom?


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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi andywa


          Have you purchased the Creative Cloud Subscription for Lightroom Or Standalone version, You can update the Lightroom manually using the below link.








          Let us know if it helps.




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            andywa007 Level 1

            Hi Mohit,

            thank you very much for the link - it worked just fine!

            Still curious: do  I need the Adobe Creative Cloud having a desktop version of Lightroom? Can I de-install it? What about the future Lightroom-updates? Do I have to ask on the forum every time to get the proper link? I hope it's not supposed to be like that?



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              Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

              Hi andywa007,


              If you have the standalone desktop version of Lightroom and not the Creative cloud, then you should be having Lightroom version 6.

              However, if you still see Lightroom CC version instead of 6, then you do not need to uninstall it. You can refer this article to get your serialized version :

              https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/kb/serialize-lightroom-cc-trial-to-activate-as-lightroom -6.html


              You will receive a notification within Lightroom for future updates.




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                andywa007 Level 1

                Hi Chetna,

                thanks for your reply. I have Lightroom 6 Windows Desktop Edition. As I already mentioned above I started using Lightroom by downloading an evaluation version (30 days) of Lightroom and it's offered as download at Adobe-Site only  with an Creative Cloud-Wizard. I didn't find just a desktop evaluation version and a very smart guy from Adobe-support told me it was no problem having the creative cloud wizard during the evaluation period since I always can buy the licence and decide to keep the creative cloud or just only the desktop version. Then I bought the desktop licence, but every time when I try to start updates from Lightroom: Help\Updates the Creative Cloud is popping up, says "installing update" and stops at 2% (I described it already in my first mail) reporting an error. Anyway: starting Lightroom I get a message from creative-cloud wizard saying: new updates are available!


                So still the same question: can I just de-install the Creative Cloud, since I don't use without risk of destroying the working version of Lightroom?


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                  Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

                  Thank you for the complete description Andy.


                  Creative Cloud application would be required just for the activation purposes and I would suggest you not to uninstall it.

                  You can follow the instructions in this article to make sure that your desktop version of Lightroom is active and licensed :

                  Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Help | Serialize Lightroom CC trial to activate as Lightroom 6


                  After following these steps, you can go to help> updates to check for updates and that should work.


                  Let me know if you still face any difficulties.

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                    andywa007 Level 1

                    Hi Chetna,

                    1. I've licenced the software after I paid it and got the serial number from Adobe via email.
                    2. When I start Lightroom I get the splash screen saying "Lightroom 6" (NOT CC!).
                    3. Is it a problem: when I open: "Help" I can see the menu point saying "sign out (my@mail.xx)", as if I'll be still using an evaluation version, but I don't!
                    4. Doing it anyway (sign out) the Lightroom doesn't start and CC-Wizard says: start with the trial! On this trial splash-screen there is a menu: Licence the product with the serial number. I do it - since I have it! My Lightroom starts again without any problems! But going to the menu-point: Help\Updates I'll get the window with CC-Wizard..etc..start and stop at 2 % - just like described above. And the menu point: "Sign out" is again in place! But if I'm not mistaken it should disappear?
                    5. Maybe there is a bug??


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                      Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

                      It seems like its still trying to invoke the Creative cloud application at the time of updates which it should not and the Creative Cloud application is not able to get updated.

                      If you will uninstall only Adobe Creative cloud error then, Lightroom will show a message regarding the damaged AAM.


                      Lets try to go for a fresh installation process to resolve this.

                      It might be a lengthy process for you but I would suggest you to try the following steps :

                      1. Make sure you know the location of your Lightroom Catalog which can be checked under Catalog settings in Lightroom.

                      2. Quit Lightroom Program

                      3. Uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud application and Lightroom application.

                      4. Rename the following folders :  (you can skip this part if you face any difficulties, this is just for clean install)

                      • C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\SLCache  : rename SLCache to SLCache-old
                      • C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe PCD  : rename Adobe PCD to Adobe PCD-old
                      • C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\OOBE  :  rename OOBE to OOBE-old
                      • C:\ProgramData\Adobe\SLStore  : rename SLStore to SLStore-old
                      • C:\Users\chesriva\AppData\Local\Adobe\OOBE  :  rename OOBE to OOBE-old

                      5. Reinstall Lightroom 6 from this link : Download Photoshop Lightroom

                      6. License it with your serial number.

                      7. Right click on Lightroom icon and choose run as administrator and then, go to help> check for updates.

                      Let me know if you still face any difficulties.

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                        andywa007 Level 1

                        Hi Chetna,

                        uninstall and re-install whole the Adobe software did the trick! I was also able to run the updates (stand: July 2015) after the re-installation of Lightroom. I was a bit irritated starting the Lightroom for the first time after the re-installation since there was in the upper left corner the message saying: "the evaluation of the mobile Lightroom version is expired(??)". But when I opened the proper catalog-file, the message disappeared. So I think everything is fine now (I hope it stays so..). Thanks for your support!



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                          Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

                          Glad to know you were able to get it working.