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    merging ActionScript into existing FLA or SWF

      Hi Folks,

      Are there any tools or tricks to do this? I'm trying to take existing (arbitrary) FLA file (or SWF) and merge in bunch of ActionScript code into it so that resulting FLA file (or SWF) ends up executing my ActionScript when the Flash presentation starts up.

      I'm interested in tools that will allow me to do this using command-line - I don't want to go through manual procedure of operning up the Flash 8 editor, creating new layers, coping the code into first frame, etc. I would like all this to be done automatically through a command-line.

      I look into Flex but it seems Flex cannot deal with existing FLA files and you need to start with a XML definition file. This doesn't help me as I have bunch of existing FLA and SWF files I need to work with.

      Since it is possible to decompile SWF into FLA, I imagine there must be a way to hack it (e.g. through binary patch).

      Any help would be great. Thanks.