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    DW CC2015 Renaming Directories in caps


      I need to preface this discussion with how my system is set up.

      I run a Linux PC as my desktop operating system and have  VirtualBox running a Windows session that I use for Dreamweaver.

      All of my files are stored on a EXT4 drive. I share a permenant Auto mount folder to my Windows VM which gives me a logical path of J:\  this is my Website Folder Root Directory


      So Site 1 is J:\site1  and then the associated directory structure below that.


      What is happening is when I edit a web page I open and edit  example J:\site1\members\Minutes\index.htm


      In the navigation bar in dreamweaver it shows up as file:///J|/SITE1/MEMBERS/MINUTES/index.htm


      I move the website directory to a local path and it shows up as   file:///C|/Users/Mark/Documents/site1/members/Minutes/index.htm


      when I save the page it stores normally in the site folder, however when I upload it to my webserver it uploads a new directory in CAPS


      so http://site1.com/members/Minutes/index.htm  is not update, dreamweaver creates this



      When I use the local path everything works as expected

      Here is an image of the Navigation bar in case I mis represent what it is called

      Photo by Mark Kirkeby - Google Photos

      any input on this would be appreciated