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    El Capitan breaks Mercury Transmit

    Cory Bauer

      Just a heads-up, OS X El Capitan breaks Mercury Transmit functionality in both Adobe After Effects and Premiere 2015. When you first launch the applications, you'll get picture to your second screen as expected; but, certain actions within the app (or switching to another app) will cause the picture to disappear and not return without rebooting the application. Very disappointing. I would hope Adobe already has a software update in the works to resolve this issue and will provide it in the coming weeks. Please, Adobe?

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          Vinay Dwivedi Adobe Employee

          Hi Cory,


          Which third party hardware do you have on your machine?


          Also, mention the tech specs of your machine like Graphics card(s) with driver version, RAM and exact version of After Effects.



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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            Here's a thought -- don't change your OS.


            I simply do not get what people think they gain with a brand-new, fresh-out-of-the-box OS upgrade when everything's working well under the current one.  Do they take it as an article of faith that everything will work as advertised?  Does it contain new features that one simply can not live without?  Do they just like being the first kid on the block to have the newest thing?


            If someone would kindly explain the motivation for this it to me, I'd be grateful.


            Cripes, it's just an OS.......

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              Cory Bauer Level 1

              Vinay, thank you for the reply. I have no third party hardware apart from an OWC Thunderbay 4 RAID for storage. This is a stock 2013 Mac Pro, 3Ghz 8-core Intel Xeon E5, 32GB 1866Mhz DDR3 ECC memory, and the dual AMD FirePro D300 Graphics cards. I imagine the issue would appear on any Macintosh running El Capitan and using Mercury Transmit as it was intended - to display video output on a second display.

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                Cory Bauer Level 1

                Dave, Consider for a moment that I am bringing the issue to Adobe's attention in hopes that the bug may be resolved so that some day when you buy a new computer running a newer operating system, things will work as you'd expect.


                Before my post, there was no mention of the issue on the Adobe forums. Therefore I am assuming it had gone unnoticed until now.

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                  Vinay Dwivedi Adobe Employee

                  Hi Cory,


                  Have you tried disconnecting aal monitors connected to the machine?

                  Also, how the external monitors are connected to the machines?

                  Please post a screenshot of the After Effects>Preferences>Video previews.



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                    Cory Bauer Level 1

                    Hi Vinay,


                    Thanks again for the reply. Disconnecting the monitor and reconnecting it doesn't appear to help the issue. My secondary display is just a 1080p panel operating off the Mac Pro's HDMI port. Attached is a screenshot of my After Effects 2015 Video Preview Preferences. As mentioned in my original post, the same issue is present in Premiere's Mercury Transmit feature. Thanks.



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                      Dave LaRonde Level 6

                      That's a nice, helpful thing for you to do, but I still don't comprehend getting a new OS on Day One of its release.  Too many things can go wrong,


                      If a new OS is on a different volume where it doesn't intrude on a person's current setup, that's one thing.  If it's replacing the OS on a person's one and only system drive, that's another.


                      I guess it's like any kind of software that hasn't been wrung-out in the real world.  Try as they might, developers and testers can't catch all the bugs.  Call me gun-shy, but I'd want assurances that everything's pretty much good to go... and that isn't happening on Day One.

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                        Mr.K8 Level 1

                        I second Dave on being very weary to make an upgrade until version xx.03 at least.


                        My procedure is to have a separate boot drive for "experimental" software combinations. Once they finally seem to work AND have enough useful (for ME) features to make me switch, that's when I start using it.


                        And only then.

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                          adamneer Level 2

                          If no one ever installed new OS releases until the .02 iteration, they'd never even get to that point.  There seems to be a big divide in opinions on this subject for some reason, with those that swear up and down that you should never install a new OS "until the bugs are worked out" and those that install them as soon as they are available and then flood the message boards with bug reports.  I'm of the opinion that we should be able to trust that by the time a new OS is released, the various software vendors that have had access to dev versions of the OS for months should have done one of the following: a)confirm that their software still works properly with the new OS, b)fix any bugs on their end and put out an update, or/and c)provide a statement to their customers as to whether or not their software works properly with the new OS.  Since I have not seen a little number icon pop up in my menu bar and the same old "before you install AE2015" notice greets these forums, I can only assume that CC apps should work properly under the new OS.


                          People with the "wait until .xx" mentality give software developers an excuse to casually update their programs weeks after the OS is released.

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                            Cory Bauer Level 1

                            Vinay, thank you for that link! That both confirms that Adobe is already aware of the issue and gives me a workaround for the issue: unchecking "disable video output when in the background" keeps things humming along in both Premiere and After Effects. I can even flip between apps and picture updates accordingly. Thank you again very much!

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                              Mr.K8 Level 1

                              There's nothing wrong in installing version beta or .01 but if you're depending on your machine to make a living it is just sensible to do it on a secondary boot disk, not the one where everything has been working just fine up till now.


                              Install version .1, test it, give developers the feedback they need but do it in your spare time and trust your primary drive with battle tested software versions to make your living.

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                                adamneer Level 2

                                This I can agree with, but I would think running a new OS off a secondary drive would be inefficient in its own ways.  For one, not everyone has dual internal disks, and partitioning for this purpose is quite wasteful, so you'd likely need to run it externally, which is never an ideal way to drive an OS.  Another issue I see with doing it this way is that any settings or features in the new OS you mess with will need to be reconfigured once you eventually migrate the main system to the new version.  I would much rather be able to install a new OS and utilize whatever new productivity increases it may offer, while feeling comfortable that the major software giants out there have put adequate work into getting their programs to run sufficiently under the new OS.  This is not to argue with you by the way, I just mean to point out a differing perspective on the subject.

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                                  Cory Bauer Level 1

                                  I'm with adamneer on this one; developers get their hands on this stuff in May or June every year. By launch day in October I would expect either 1.) full compatibility, 2.) a software update to address bugs or 3.) a notice that they've discovered incompatibilities, are working toward a fix and ask users that they hold off on updating for X number of days when they expect a fix to be made available. In Adobe's case, they have this stuff even farther in advance; Apple bragged on stage about the performance enhancements Adobe was seeing in their software with El Capitan.


                                  The fact is I had tested El Capitan beta with Adobe CC apps on a personal system for months and found no issues in doing so. And I also checked the Adobe forums before upgrading my workstation to see any mention of show-stopping issues. But I missed the Mercury Transmit issue because 1.) my personal system doesn't have two displays and 2.) no one had mentioned it on the Adobe forums before me.


                                  Someone has to find this stuff and report it so 1.) others can see reported issues and make an educated decision about upgrading and 2.) Adobe can be made aware of the issue and address it (in this case they had already discovered the issue on their own, but that hasn't always been the case). If everyone "just waited" to upgrade, this stuff may never get ironed out. I have no patience for the Windows XP mentality of just running the same outdated, buggy software for 13 years on end because the new stuff may cause problems. New software can and does also bring improvements. I for one expect things to get better, not worse.

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                                    Mr.K8 Level 1

                                    Adamneer, Cory - I see your point but we do not live in a perfect world (doh). AE 2015 is buggy as hell even without the need for El Capitan. Why? Did they not have enough time? Beta testers? We'll never know. All I know is that my income depends on what I can deliver from my workstation. Each and every month. I simply cannot afford to risk a "mercury transmit bug" because I will not be able to make the final presentation of the commercial I've been working on for the last two weeks. Deadlines are just as inevitable as incompatibility bugs in new software. However well tested. And true - its a whole different story if you use your machine just for casual stuff.