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    changing form field language

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      I have a PDF Portfolio that contains several documents.  I have created buttons with javascripts on certain documents that when clicked they push all the form filled information typed in on the English document over to all the form fields on the Spanish document.  Of course what I fill in is in English. So, what I am wondering is there a way a javascript could be added to that same button that when it pushes the information filled in over to the Spanish form that it also translates the words I typed in English to Spanish.  To accommodate our parents my district provides just about all English forms and documents in Spanish.  However it seems kind of silly that the information I have to fill in (essentially perhaps the most important information in the document) is in English while the rest of the document is in Spanish.  Hopefully that makes sense and someone knows of a quick and possible solution such as the one where I click the button and it transfers all the info already filled in over to the Spanish form without having to retype it all.  In education time saving yet working efficiently and effectively are essential tools we rely heavily on to do our job.  Thanks in advance for any help and/or adivice anyone has to offer.

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          Copying the data is not that difficult. Translating it is extremely so. You'll basically need to write a full translator and use a full dictionary to do so.

          Why not simply open the Spanish documents and fill them in in the first place? Also, what kind of data is it? If it is open text then forget about translating it using a script.