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    Checkbox Event

      I've created an example of what I'm hoping to do here:

      http://whendarknessfalls.org/jt/Test.html (click Preferences tab)

      Basically, when someone clicks on a checkbox, I want to create a new tab button with a set of textboxes and input boxes (all of this is done at runtime). I looked at the chapter of documentation called "Creating Instances at Runtime" but I had difficulty understanding how to do this with a TabNavigator component.

      Does anyone know how to do this? Just adding a tab to the menu would be a start, we can talk about getting the content into it afterwards..

      I'm guessing the click event will look something along the lines of this...

      click="myTabNavigator.addchild(button, undefined, label="Educational info")";

      Or I may be completely off.. not sure =)