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    CF11 CFChart path to Ajax Directory Incorrect After Service Restart

    Dallas Sacca

      Several times now after the CF11 service has restarted apps that use cfchart get an access denied error (from Sandbox Security) but the path referenced in the error is incorrect. The error is as follows:


      "Error","ajp-bio-8012-exec-1","08/27/15","17:35:31","Lab Notebook","access denied (""java.io.FilePermission"" ""C:\website\ajax\messages\cfmessage_en_US_.js"" ""read"") The specific sequence of files included or processed is: C:\website\labnotebook\auth\viewnotebooks.cfm, line: 714 "


      The error clears up after logging into ColdFusion Admin for the instance.I know the path should be to the CFIDE/Scripts directory (/cfscripts virtual directory in IIS) but I'm not sure why ColdFusion is putting the incorrect path initially.


      I have not tested without Sandbox Security enabled but will test and report soon.