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    create a slightly complex script for dynamic content

      I need to develop a complex script in order to satisfy three client specs:

      1)Movie clip that tweens through dynamic images and text( bring them in externally)

      2) Loops when completed

      3) The .swf must be responsive to the quantity of images sitting on the server ( whether its 3 images or 13) it needs to loop when it has tweened through the images

      So this clip needs to be able to establish how many images are sitting on the server (whether its 3 or 30), before it begins, bring them in externally one by one with dynamic text accompanying them, and loop after the tweening is completed. This is what I am not sure how to accomplish.

      Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

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          2m Level 2

          that sounds like a typical picture gallery, there should be a lot of tutorials out there. So please be so kind and google.

          One thing though I would like to hint on: Flash will never be able to determine which images are on the Server - you would need some kind of server side script for that like PHP or ASP for example.that script to can tell your Flash about the images.

          I'm quite confident that once you get started and get stuck (which will happen very likely) you will find help here.