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    Lightroom CC colour issues!


      I've recently upgraded to PS & LR CC from CS6, at around  the same time I've gone from working on my MBP to a mini...


      A few points:

      I have GPU turned off in LR because it reports an error (it's an Intel 4000)


      Bridge CC is syncing colour across my CC apps. In PS I have no colour issues regardless of colour space used...

      My monitor is calibrated on a weekly basis using a Huey Pro and it's the same wide gamut IPS panel I used on the MBP, so not a monitor or profile issue.


      So here's the problem. Every file in LR is WAY over saturated and with too high a contrast ratio, now if this were just a preview issue not so bad but it's not, LR is applying this change on export, so every file I've supplied to clients recently has been an issue, it's getting embarrassing! If I export a JPG or PNG from within PS the files are fine, if I export from LR from the same PSD then the colours and tone are way off. In the attached image you can see the PSD open in PS on the left, the JPG open in Preview in centre and the exact same JPG open in LR on the right... see the difference? Now, if I do an export of that JPG from LR it comes with that over saturation so that if I open the original JPG next to the LR one in Preview, they're completely different!

      Right now I wish I'd kept my money and not subscribed to CC as it's costing me every day with returned image from clients that I then have to re-run from PS.


      Anyone any ideas at all??


      Thanks in anticipation!


      MikeScreen Shot 2015-10-01 at 22.42.12.png

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          mikec36775672 Level 1

          100 views, one week and no replies... surely someone else has the same issue?



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            Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

            I think this has to be an issue with your monitor profile.

            I have seen reports of profiles being incompatible with Lightroom, but working correctly with Photoshop.

            To troubleshoot, try setting sRGB as the monitor profile, and see if that makes PS and LR display the same.

            I'm afraid I cannot give you any further advice, but hopefully D Fosse

            sees this, he should be able to help you.

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              D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If the saturation increase happened only in the Lightroom preview, I'd also suspect the monitor profile. But here the file also exports that way?


              I'd look at Lightroom presets first. This doesn't look like a color management issue to me.

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                mikec36775672 Level 1

                Thanks Per for your reply... I'm confident it isn't a profile issue, if I export the same image from both PS and LR using default settings and sRGB colour space the output files are very different and show the same differences when view other other devices.


                It has me puzzled...

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                  mikec36775672 Level 1

                  Im going to do a reset on all presets and export from a RAW file without going to Develop first... maybe that will be where the issue lies! Thanks for your reply.


                  I'll post the results tomorrow

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                    Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

                    If I understand you correctly, the image looks right in PS, and as an exported jpg.

                    And when you import that jpg back into LR, saturation increases.

                    Im curious about how the original looks in LR before you export it?

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                      mikec36775672 Level 1

                      The RAW and PSD files look fine in LR and when opened in PS there's no issue there. I can then do my work and export to any file format/colour space from PS and get consistent colour results. If I then import the edited images into LR I get the saturation issue both in preview and in the file itself when viewed on another device, so LR is doing something to alter the file.


                      I've reset all of my presets now so will run a test file and see what I get.


                      Thank you

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                        Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

                        Well, you do have a wide gamut monitor, and non-color managed apps (Mac Preview?) will display images with the sRGB profile over-saturated, but with Adobe RGB or ProPhoto they will be muted - under-saturated.

                        But LR should always display them correctly, so I don't understand what's going on here, Could be a preset, I guess ...

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                          mikec36775672 Level 1



                          It was a preset after all... I hadn't thought of checking those before. I have a collection of presets that I've used for some time without any problems (prior to CC) both for import and export depending on the client. I've just run a few RAW files from several cameras without using any import or export presets and without taking the images through the Develop process. I open the file in PS (from LR) and immediately export a JPG, at the same time I export a JPG from LR and both are identical! Success!


                          Thanks guys for your input. I'll now recreate some of my presets from scratch in CC and see how that pans out. Perhaps the old presets aren't compatible with something in CC?