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    Re: InDesign CC will not print to local printer on standard TCP/IP port


      I have a printer set up on a standard TCP/IP port (as a local printer) on a Windows 7 desktop.  When I try to print to this printer using InDesign (latest CC)...I receive this error 'Problem initializing the current printer. Check the system print settings."  InDesign is the only program that will not print to it. All other Adobe products I use (i.e., Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, etc) print to this printer just fine.  I have uninstalled/reinstalled both the printer and InDesign.  Actually, I uninstalled InDesign twice the first time I left preferences, but the second I did a total uninstall.  I'm really at a loss since everything else uses the printer without fail. 


      I also have an iMac with the same version of InDesign (latest CC) that prints to the same printer without any problem.


      Does anyone have any idea what may be preventing the Windows version of InDesign from initializing the printer?  Is there some other information I'm missing that may be helpful?