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    Recovering lost presets


      How do I recover lost effects presets after the most recent AE update???

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          JohnyFive Level 2

          Hi LindaG,


          Do you still have your old After effects, if so and you're on a PC, i'm not sure how on a Mac, go to your Computer ---> C: drive

          ----> Program files ----> Adobe -----> your older AE ----> Support Files ---> Presets

          *Then Copy all the Presets and then do the same as above, but go to your new AE and paste those presets in it's Presets folder.


          If by updating to the new AE CC 2015, it deleted your old AE, you'll want to download the AE you had from the Creative Cloud and look for little blue writing that says "Previous versions"


          Hope that helps.


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            lindag72434207 Level 1

            Thanks Jonathan! I'll try it. The preset I needed immediately was Twitch from Video Copilot so I just reinstalled it. VC is good about continuing to make downloads available. But, there are a bunch more I need to reinstall, so I'll try your suggestion tomorrow!

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              JohnyFive Level 2

              no prob, hope it helps and yes Video Copilot rocks =)